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Tsaphon  [View all]

Game:Star Wars: The Old Republic Server:Tomb of Freedon Nadd Class:Operative Faction:Sith Empire Race:Human

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Uberchar's talent calculator Tsaphon

Medicine: 3
Concealment : 2
Concealment: 15
Lethality: 7

Medicine [3]
Increases total cunning by 9%Passive 3/3
Concealment [2]
Increases the crit chance of Backstab and Hidden Strike by 16%Passive 2/2
Concealment [15]
Increases the damage dealt by Corrosive dar by 18% an Acid Blade by 9%Passive 3/3
Increases movement speed by 15% and effective stealth level by 3Passive 3/3
Increases the damage dealt by Shiv, Overload Shot and Backstab by 4%Passive 2/2
Increases stealth detection level by 2 and defense by 2%Passive 2/2
Reduces the energy cost of Backstab by 10 and Acid Blade by 2Passive 1/1
Executes your Tactical Advantage, lacerating the target for [?] kinetic damage. Requires and consumes Tactical AdventageActive 1/1
Concealment [2]
Laceration has 50% chance to trigger a Collateral Strike, dealing [?] additional kinetic damage. Standard and weak targets are additionally stunned by Collateral Strike. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 secondsPassive 2/2
Concealment [15]
Stim Boost now additionally grants Revitalizers, restoring 2% of total health every 3 secondsPassive 1/1
Dodging or resisting an attack restores 1 energy. In addition, Cloaking Screen no longer reduces healing dealt and receivedPassive 1/1
Collateral Strike has a 100% chance to immediately re-grant Tactical Advantage when hitting a poisoned targetPassive 2/2
Increases all damage dealt to poisoned targets by 3%Passive 3/3
Reduces the cooldown of Cloaking Screen by 60 seconds and increases movement speed by 25% for 6 seconds after using itPassive 2/2
Increases the amount of energy recovered by each tick of Stim Boost by 1.5. Increases the critical damage dealt by Backstab, Sever Tendon, Hidden Strike and Acid Blade by 30%Passive 3/3
Hidden Strike has a 100% chance to knock the target flat on its face for 3 secondsPassive 2/2
Coats your instruments in acid, causing your next Hidden Strike or Backstab to deal an additional [?] internal damage over 6 seconds and increase armor penetration by 50% for 15 seconds. This ability does not respect the global cooldown and does not break stealthActive 1/1
Lethality [7]
Increases alacrity by 4%Passive 2/2
Increases ranged and tech critical chance by 6%Passive 3/3
Increases the damage dealth by Shiv by 10%Passive 2/2