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Rhylen  [View all]

Guild:INDOMITUS Game:Star Wars: The Old Republic Server:Tomb of Freedon Nadd Class:Sage Faction:Galactic Republic Race:Human

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Uberchar's talent calculator Rhylen

Seer: 34
Telekinetics: 5
Balance: 2

Seer [34]
Reduces the activation time of Deliverance by 0.5 secondsPassive 2/2
Increases the Force critical chance by 3%Passive 3/3
Increases total Presence by 6% and all healing done by 2%Passive 2/2
Reduces the pushback suffered while activating healing abilities by 75% and lowers the threat generated by healing abilities by 15%Passive 3/3
Increases all healing received by 8%Passive 2/2
Increases the damage and healing of area effect abilities by 10%Passive 2/2
Your Rejuvenate has a 100% chance to grant Conveyance, which increases the effect of your next healing ability: Benevolence: Force cost reduced by 50%. Deliverance:Activation time reduced by 1 second Healing Trance: Crit chance increased by 25%. Salvation: Force cost reduced by 30%Passive 2/2
Immediately heals a target for [?], plus an additional [?] over 9 secondsActive 1/1
Reduces the health spent by Noble Sacrifice by 2%Passive 2/2
Reduces the Force cost of Force Armor by 30 and reduces the cooldown of Force Armor by 3 secondsPassive 2/2
Increases the duration of your Rejuvenate by 6 seconds, In addition, your Rejuvenate has a 100% chance to apply the Force Shelter effect to its targets, increasing armor rating by 10% for the duration of the RejuvenationPassive 2/2
Force Armor increases the targetīs movement speed by 20% for 6 secondsPassive 2/2
Heals a target for [?] immediately and a further [?] per second for 3 secondsActive 1/1
Increases your Force crit chance by 2% and reduces all damage taken by 2%Passive 2/2
Healing Trance crits have a 100% chance to make the next Noble Sacrifice used not degenerate force and spend no healthPassive 2/2
Increases your bonus healing by 6% and chance to hit with all abilities by 3%Passive 3/3
Heals all allies within 8 meters of the targeted area. Targets remaining in the area heal for an additional [?] over 10 secondsActive 1/1
Telekinetics [5]
Reduces the Force cost of Force attacks and healing abilities by 9%Passive 3/3
Increases your total Force by 100Passive 2/2
Balance [2]
Increases total Willpower by 6%Passive 2/2