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RIP- Aozora  [View all]

Game:World of Warcraft Server:The Maelstrom Class:Priest Faction:Alliance Race:Night Elves

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Level:85Professions:Tailoring InscriptionAdvanced information:The armory link show her as a goblin now. Priest goblin rox!Related link: favourite

Previously Elloa on Scarshield Legion, I move this character on The Maelstrom to play it with my guild "Wardens", at the end of Burning Crusade.
I mainly played her during Wrath of the Lych King.
My spec were discipline (for 10man) and holy (for 25man). Wardens had a steady progression and it's the only period of my long WOW career where I actualy did some real challenging content.
I also met my twin soul playing with this character.

Aozora had been transfered on Defias Brotherhood end of 2009. She became Eledeza, the twin sister of Elenoza (my boyfriend priest). We founded Whitestar on those characters.

She became Elzbeth later, a undead priest and I raided a bit in the guild "Luminous Path". I stopped on progressing raid on the Lych King that I never killed. Moved her back to Alliance as gnome priest, then back to Horde as Goblin, but never played with her so much anymore.

But she had been my most loved and most played WOW character.

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