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LoloPinky  [View all]

Game:World of Warcraft Server:Draenor-EU Class:Hunter Faction:Horde Race:Blood Elves

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Level:90Professions:Skinning and LeatherworkingBiography:Lolopinky was my first (official) character of World of Warcraft. I shared an account with my sister to begin with and played a Night Elf hunter. I then got my own account after a few months and made a Troll hunter (as I didn't have The Burning Crusade at the time) . However, I really wanted a blood elf so I bought TBC and made a new Blood Elf hunter on Hellfire.

She got to level 55 or something but my boyfriend decided to play and we rolled on a different server, so I started my character again who then became my main and has been ever since.

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