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Elloa  [View all]

Game:TERA Server:Tempest Reach Class:Mystic Race:High Elves

General uberchar information Elloa

Level:38Professions:AlchemistBiography:I created this character when I decided to migrate on NA servers due to Tera Eu being kinda doomed. I decided to not remake my Elin, to not feel like re-leveling the exact same character from lvl 1 to 60.
This is my favourite face for a High Elf. I tried to make her look angelic, sensual, and a bit badass in the same time.

I was leveling her together with Kaylani (Lancer friend). And I ended to not play her as much as I though I would. She was supposed to be my main character in Tera, but I'm not sure anymore.

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  • Eden She's no longer known as the most adorable Elin on Samael, instead she's a tall, sassy, wise high elf. But no matter what race she is, hell she could be a baraka. She'll always be the most gorgeous person in the world. On the inside AND on the outside. She's always there for you, it doesn't matter if you need a healer, an ear to listen or if you need advice. (And let's not forget her amazing warm fuzzy accent wich I envy her for)! Thank you Elloa, the wise, sassy, adorable, gorgeous and sweetest person in the world. (It's a fact, true story.) You'll always be the shining white star for me.

    Hace 19 horas

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