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Celeste Elloa Collins  [View all]

Guild:Whitestar Game:The Secret World Faction:Templars

General uberchar information Celeste Elloa Collins

Level:noneAdvanced information:Elemental - ShotgunRelated link: created this character to fit the Templar. Very blond, very sweet, a bit innocent and pure...and Angel face. One of the archetype I love to play.

I didn't know what weapon to pick up... When you start The Secret World, all of this is a bit obscure. I had tried the pistol on my test char, a dragon girl, but I didn't liked it.
So I started with shotgun, like my boyfriend. We selected then our first desk to complete, a different one for each of us that included the shotgun. Fredrik went for Puritain, and me for Magus. My second weapon was Elemental.

I enjoy the combinaison a lot. Apparently, the Secret World will be the first game (beside Diablo, but that doesn't count) where I'm playing a DPS.

Celeste Elloa is my first and only character in The Secret World. I play her together with my boyfriend. TSW had been a wonderful surprise for us. I corss my fingers, may this game be OUR game. So long we are looking for it.

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