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washuuchan Gaah got my computer back to work =w= Now I want to get back to Tera haha.
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  • itslifejim Great!! you were kicked from Tardis just poke someone to rejoin. I should start playing again soon now I have some RL stuff sorted (yeah that real life thing came along and smacked me in the face)

washuuchan I'm still not really sure wheter to play Tera EU or NA >_> NA is cooler, got better mods and everything, but now that there are so many people ping is starting to kill me [starts 150 and goes over 200 sometimes]. This is not a problem on EU [and my archer finally does pewpewpewpew instead of pew-----pew---pew ], and there [Read more]  is chance of finding some polish people there....but EU means gameforge. SIGH. LE DILEMMA. [Close] 
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  • itslifejim The lag was really bad the first few days and it seems to be getting better, I have not have to much of a problem, but then you are further away then I am. I was really considering going back to EU, my mind is made up I am staying on US servers

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washuuchan Thanks to amazing Kosen from Ascended I now have 35 more days of gametime in Tera. Thank You so so so much for helping me get that chronoscroll ;-; I know I'm not the most active player ever, but... there were many things, good and sad that happened related to this game, but it still is big inspiration for me, and I guess I'm not [Read more]  yet ready to let it go. [Close] 
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washuuchan For some reason I really like this screenshot. And yes it's the capricorn pvp map I really hate those sharks.

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washuuchan Resistance is futile. I've got a GuildWars2 ass a late birthday gift from my friends >_>
  • Elloa Hahahah! What a band of nice friends! Or lame friends? I don't know..What do you think? Don't forget Tera and all will be fine!

  • washuuchan im paying for tera so its kinda impossible to forget, but its also kinda wtf with that gw2 but on the other hand, i get them, they want us all to play together from time to tim

washuuchan OH GOD I FINALLY FINISHED IT. This is official design of Sharain - original character of mine. And yes, I love playing him in various games, seeing how his version will look there Tera's version of him is my favourite so far.

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washuuchan I'm terribly shallow but this picture shows perfectly why am I still hesitating in getting Guild Wars 2. I just can't make him as good looking as I could in Tera >.>

washuuchan Finally got back to Tera! Man, this week was busy @_@ Leveled a bit, finally left Popolion for Chebika...and saw the sky whale up close. Like, REALLY close ಠ_ಠ Never seen it that close.

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  • Nasmodok After a bit of exploring, we managed this:

  • Nasmodok A couple of people weren't seeing it for some odd graphical reason, so we got as close as we could and I recorded it.

  • washuuchan O,M.G.... ssso cool thanks for that awesome video! The design and level of details on this creature never ceases to amaz me *w*

  • Nasmodok ya, I was pretty awe-struck as it flew over. I actually stood there and watched it fly over 2 more times. But it does take a while to go around it's loop before it returns.

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