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itslifejim What do you think about guys playing girls in MMO's? Tera is the first MMO I have played all female characters, human, Castanic and Elin. For me I have more fun playing a female character. Remember there is no wrong answer here :) just your opinion.
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  • Elloa I think it's something very common for guys. There is those that claim they play female characters because they would rather look at a "female ass" , and you have those that prefer play female character 'cause the male character look horrible, and they can't identify themselves to it. And there is other guys that play female [Read more]  character as it was a sort of doll that they can dress up etc...It's not an object of fantasy, but more like ..well, a doll. It's difficult for me to fully understand it because I'm not interested at watching a guy butt while I'm playing, I've no problem to identify myself with the female characters, and if I want to play with a doll, I prefer a female one, it's more pretty. I never managed to get fond of a male character. The only one I ever played seriously was an alt in SWTOR : Captain Jakson. I made him, because he was fun and cool. [Close] 

  • Puppy Well, part of the reason is how people look at their characters in games. Some of us like to be able to identify with and put ourselves into a character. Others view characters simply as window dressing. The former is more likely to invest time in appearance and think more about that character as an extension of themself. The latter is more [Read more]  likely to view it as decoration on the screen. The character is a means to an end in experiencing the game's mechanics. Not to say some guys don't identify with female characters ever or that it's wrong to do so. It's just that the majority pick them because, as has been said before, they'd rather look at something cute or attractive than a dude. Not to say people who think that way won't pick male characters either, because some people just care about their window dressing being badass or cool looking too. Different strokes. [Close] 

  • Nasmodok I dunno I spend about 2 hrs creating a character.. And I posted a much longer and more in-depth post on the same topic on the Ladies of MMO's website, but in a nutshell: I view the character as the protagonist in the story. As such, it doesn't matter which sex it is, but I play the one that looks cooler, prettier, sexier.. Also, armor [Read more]  choices play a big role in it. For Tera I was able to see every armor before the game came out and there were some I simply MUST HAVE. >.< Other choices were based on animations, such as castanic female archer for her spinning recoil (Elin's back handspring was a close second). But also, the only game that I even enjoyed making a male in was Aion, because of the body sliders, I was finally able to make one that actually looked right. Tera's Aman look great as half-dragons so they are also a male I've made and loved. But ya, in general the male scales default to shit.. every time. So usually I play female characters. [Close]