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Laughter Finally, free time to continue leveling my Monk. Did 1-85 in about 7 days. Now goal is 90.

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Laughter has created an uberchar of World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Wakfu, Minecraft and other games
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My guild is crazy lol but I love it! :)

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Laughter Giving away a copy of The Secret World! Comes with 30 free days of play time. You get points the more options you choose to enter. Have fun.
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Laughter Been playing a lot of Mineftact lately. >>

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  • Laughter Bleh, Minecraft*

  • Kahleena I've never played minecraft , and yeah I wish they had an edit button for these things >

  • Laughter I have a server. I just started playing.. it's a blast.

  • Kahleena Oh your own personal one? Are those expensive? Whats the game play like?

  • Laughter Yes! Um not too bad. $25 a month for 36 players.

  • Puppy For me, my minecraft addiction died down a bit after a month or so. I think my problem is finding a group of people I like to play the game with who don't want everything handed to them.

Laughter Super excited! A friend bought me one of these bad boys!
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  • Hans A very good friend, that's for sure! nice mount

  • Laughter Yes! I love it. I think I am just a fan of awesome looking dragons. ;]

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