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Elloa Very fun moment where our disc priest save our hunter on Throne of Thunder trash.
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  • Eden Love that grip, nice one! ;- )

  • Alakina Wenwen, that is an epic one, sucha lofer x)

Elloa Iron Angels Challenge teams gathered! -- look how Dwellas Asura is cute!

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  • Dwellas i can't tell how much i feel you cute Elloa

Elloa has uploaded new images to the album Wardens (WOW)

Wardens (WOW)

Adventures in the Guild "Wardens" (2007-2009) on The Maelstrom

  • Alakina There can never be to much Wardens, i rly miss the times!

  • Elloa Yeah. Never managed to find something similar. That has just been the best years in WOW I ever had, and I don't think i'll ever find a similar experience

Elloa Do not miss our Dungeon Challenge : Baby Fractal tonight at 21h CET. Our Krewe of Asura will adventure in Fractal despite being unprepared and unexperimented! Another party of Sylvari will be sent in the same time! WHo will be able to overcome this dangerous challenge? - Baby Fractal is a guild event. We are going in Fractals with lvl 10 character†[Read more]† and class we are not familiar with. We have no idea of how good or bad this can end!†[Close]†

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Inspired and dedicated to one of the most amazing persons in the world, Elloa. You're the best babe < 3

Elloa Weekly Schedule for my stream on TwichTV : Hope to see a lot of you this week!

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Elloa has created an uberchar of TERA, World of Warcraft and World of Warcraft
Elloa has uploaded new images to the album WoW-Pandaria


Nostalgia Tour in WOW this december 2012 after 1year and half being away.

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  • Nyahna What do you think about Pandaria?

  • Elloa First, this is the reason why I started to play WOW agin : What I think so far... mmmh. It's a good evolution of WOW. It does feel the same (in the bad parts and the good ones), but in nicer and more modern. Which is a good thing, in my†[Read more]† eyes. Cause if I want to play WOW, it's WOW I want to play and not another game. If I want to play another game, then I change game. Sound extremly logic like that, but i think in the mind of many players that spent their life to complain it's not as logic. So I'm happy to find that game I've left in a new expansion. And I'm glad to have GW2 to play (and other games) when I want to NOT play WOW.†[Close]†

  • Nyahna I have to say that I didn't like Pandaria at first, but after seeing the whole continent and doing the daily quests I changed my mind! It's beautiful! Good to hear you like the new, modern WoW

Elloa I had a lot of fun playing with my daughter in the Panda starting zone. Here is a screenshots of our adventures together.

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Elloa has uploaded new images to the album Tera - NA

Tera - NA

My adventures in Tera , North America.

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  • washuuchan Oh my, she's gorgeous!!

  • Lolo You moved to NA? o:

  • Elloa Yes I moved to NA in august. But I've stopped to play once I started GW2. With the announce of the F2P, EnMasse offered some game time, so I made this character. I'm really not playing Tera much. Focusing entierly to GW2, and recently to WOW where I've a new project.

  • Lolo Oh, wow. How much different is NA to EU? I'm really excited for it to go F2P honestly, I didn't want to pay just to see my characters again so I'm really happy about that. Yeah, your GW2 screenshots are really making me want to start playing, haha. I started playing WoW again a few days ago as well, what project have you got going on†[Read more]† there?†[Close]†

  • Elloa The main difference between NA and EU, is that the publisher is a lot better. This summer we had patches and events long time before they happened in EU. We had chronoscroll and a cash shop. The community was nicer also in a way, but that's maybe because I was part of a PVE server. The community on NA PVP server is probably same as in EU. GW†[Read more]† is a wonderful game, honnestly it's the game I prefer beyond all games I tried so far. But as it's quite different from other games it migth not fit everyone. Some persons doesn't like the lvl scaling (so you can't faceroll anything), some persons doesn't like the fact that "gear grind" is basicly only cosmetic, and some persons dislike the fact that the "end game" start at lvl 35. Concerning WOW, I hopefully will start raiding again soon! I've joined Paralysis guild on Stormrage.†[Close]†

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BOGosse Sylvari! :D

Elloa has uploaded new images to the album Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

My adventures in GW2

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  • Leodore Is the Norn you aswell ?

  • Elloa Yep. The brown Norn is my abandoned Ranger, and the blond one my future Enginer

  • Leodore Abandoned have to tell me more

  • Elloa I don't like her face anymore...and everyone have the same haircut. So she is taking dust in Hoelbrak.

  • Eden You always take such amazing screenshots!

  • Elloa This game is just too beautiful! I enjoy to make a screenie that looks more like a painting

Elloa Happy New Year from MistAngels and myself! May your wishes fome true inyour real life and your gaming life! Take care!
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  • itslifejim Awesome! GW2 really does look festive.

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[Social] - For this uberchar competition takes a back seat when you have the opportunity to have fun connecting with thousands of players

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Elloa has been tagged in Elloa's image

That moment I hit 80!!

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Elloa Finaly I've finished my GW2 guild movie! I'm very happy about it. I had huge fun to direct and mix it.
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Elloa Screenshot of the day #GW2 :A inspired, beautiful scene with Luvia Maya and Leodore <Mist Angels>

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