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[Achiever] - This uberchar likes to have the best team, and more money and achievements than anyone else. They will not stop short of reaching their goals

Eden My GW2 story is too sad! Waaah, I dont want to continue haha! ; ^;
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  • Elloa awww! I want to know, but I also don't want be spoiled ! awwwww !!

  • Leodore You have to, faith is in your hands :)

  • Eden But I cant handle the sadness! I wish I could talk with you guys about it but you haven't done it yet ARGH! :-P

  • Imortist This is amazing story written by amazing writers. You will love the ending

Eden Made this for my new guild, we are recruiting so please visit our site for more information:

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Eden Gosh, I really wish I had more character slots in GW2, I find it so hard to decide, so many classes I'd like to play, it's not fair!

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