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Starbound THE MORE YOU KNOW… about the Unstable Update
Hey there!
We’re pushing the changes mentioned in our recent trailer to the unstable branch tonight– rejoice! Anyone who’s been …  |  Read more »
Starbound 16th of December: Alien Alpaca Blog
Alpaca in spaaaaace!
Alien Alpaca packin’!
Alien Alpaca jumping sweet jumps!
Alien Alpaca playing video games and cooking!
Alien Alpaca …  |  Read more »
Starbound Winter update trailer is here!
Evening, everyone!
In my recent post, I mentioned that we’d soon be uploading a trailer highlighting some of the …  |  Read more »
Starbound December 12th – Balance in all things!
Evening folks!
When Starbound’s overall balance structure was first established, humanoid NPCs weren’t really a primary consideration at the time, …  |  Read more »
Starbound December 9th – Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Starbound Dec 9 – Nightly launcher is broken
Recently, we made a change to how the nightly manages its current working directory (to make managing servers more sane, …  |  Read more »
Starbound December 5th – You must find balance!
What a week it’s been. I found myself tasked with examining and improving overall game balance. For a game packed …  |  Read more »
Starbound One year later…

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