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Starbound September 30th – Make it work!
So you may have noticed over the last few days our artists have been slamming out new content, all …  |  Read more »
Starbound September 29th – Using Protection
Today I’ve been implementing a block protection system, so that we can have special dungeons and missions where you can’t …  |  Read more »
Starbound September 26th Dev Blog
Starbound September 24th – Reed furniture set
Hello humans and non-humans, and others!
Have you ever dreamed to decorate your house with reeds? Sleep on reeds, sitting …  |  Read more »
Starbound September 23rd – Digging Deeper
As per usual, I’ve been juggling a few tasks the past couple of days.
Work has continued on the Glitch …  |  Read more »
Starbound September 22nd – Loot, Loot, Loot!
On Friday I decided to make a small change to the treasure table format. I got a bit carried away …  |  Read more »
Starbound September 19th – Welcome to my garden!
Starbound September 17th – Reach for the sky!

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