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Starbound August 21st – Kid strummed that guitar…
Starbound Stats and Scripts
Recently, we’ve been discussing adding some more capabilities to the Status and Status Effect system in Starbound.  There are a …  |  Read more »
Starbound August 19 – The day when all your mods died.
The new JSON patching system discussed way back on June 25 has landed. There might be a few edge cases …  |  Read more »
Starbound August 19th – Let’s throw a rave!
It’s pretty much been business as usual for me the last few days. The lunar base mission is getting to …  |  Read more »
Starbound August 18th – More Manipulation
As we’ve been working on the progression of the early game, one awkward point that kept coming up is the …  |  Read more »
Starbound 15th of August, 2014: Dev Blog Nova
Here’s a little something I’ve been working on… The Novakid will be needing their own armor sets.
Click it to …  |  Read more »
Starbound August 14th – Steady as she goes!
Starbound It’s Aug 13 now
Projectile disconnect fix is complete and pushed to master.  It’s less of a fix and more of a.. near total …  |  Read more »

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