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Starbound July 24 – Character Deletion is in
I took a short break from my Stats change to implement something simple as a brain break today.
You can …  |  Read more »
Starbound July 24th – It’s a lot more lively around the outpost…
Starbound Novakid AI
Today’s update shows off the Novakid AI you’ll find in the Novakid ship.

She is just a horse.…  |  Read more »
Starbound 22nd July More Novakids and progression
Starbound July 21 – Get the gate in the game!
Starbound Some thoughts on early access, release dates, the big 1.0
Hi guys,
Some of this post will be lifted from a reddit comment I made earlier today. But I felt …  |  Read more »
Starbound July 18th Progress – Performance!
Hi guys,
So today the tile rendering changes were almost completed. (Just a few bugs left with platforms and pipes).…  |  Read more »
Starbound July 17th – The challenges of making a microdungeon!

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