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MMORPG Fortnite - Mobile iOS Version Takes #1 App Spot in 13 Countries Around the World
Not only is Fortnite making huge inroads in the PC / console market, but it's racking up some amazing numbers on mobile as well. Currently, Fortnite mobile is only available for iOS devices AND by invitation [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG World of Warcraft - WoW Players Consider Amassing Gold on Rumors of Call of Duty Coming to BattleNet
Late last week, it came to light that players could suddenly log into their Call of Duty accounts using BattleNet credentials. This led many to believe that any future Call of Duty games may be coming to [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Pre-Alpha 2 Gameplay - Take a Trip Through Halnir Cave
Visionary Realms developers were on hand with CohhCarnage over the weekend to play Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and the bunch journeyed through the Halnir Cave, one of the new dungeons added to the game. [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG - Eden Rising: Supremacy Aims to Bring Co-Op Focused Gaming into the Future
Meridian4 and Nvizzio have announced that Eden Rising: Supremacy will be heading to Steam Early Access in early May 2018. The game is considered "an open world, co-op action game that blends tower defense and [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG - Nexon's Master of Eternity Arrives for both iOS & Android Devices
Nexon has announced that Master of Eternity is now available for both Android and iOS devices. The game lets players battle in epic mecha warefare. Battles and raids are all part of the game's "immersive [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG - Funcom Celebrates Making Games for a Quarter Century
Earlier this week, Funcom began its 25th anniversary celebration. In a new video at YouTube, the spotlight shines on the wide array of games the company has made including pixel platformers all the way through [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online - Are Devs Teasing a New DLC Announcement? Seems They Are!
The Elder Scrolls Online Twitter was updated late Friday with an image of a letter signed by Queen Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri that reads, "Your Queen has exciting news to share as soon as the time is right. I bid [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG - Defiance 2050: Assault Class Preview
Defiance 2050 devs Matt "Destromathe" and Chip "Zephkial" were on hand yesterday during a live stream event where the team spoke about the Assault Class that will be part of the game when it launches later [...]  |  Read more »

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