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MMORPG - Battlerite Royale - Gameplay Reveal Trailer
Stunlock Studios has sent out a brand new trailer to give fans the first look at game play they will experience in Battlerite Royale, its version of the battle royale game mode. Beta sign ups are now [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Diablo 3 - The Lord of Terror Coming to Nintendo Switch This Fall
After a bit of a slip up at Forbes, it has been revealed that Diablo 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. The announcement was to have been made tomorrow, but the article went live, though it has [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online - The Cycle Continues
Wolfhunter is upon us, and I am excited about all that it brings to the game. Two new dungeons are available to run, Moonhunter Keep and March of Sacrifices. As always, these dungeons bring new gear for us to [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG - Audeze Mobius Gaming Headset: Innovative and Revolutionary
We review a lot of gaming headsets but today we're sharing something special: the Audeze Mobius. It's one of the most exciting headsets we've come across and nothing short of a game-changer. Audeze is well [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Runescape - Jagex Forms Publishing Arm as RuneScape Crosses the $1B in Lifetime Revenue Mark
Jagex has announced the formation of a new publishing arm called Jagex Partners that will "become the home" of third-party "living games". In addition, the company also announced that its flagship title, [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG - Phantom Doctrine: The Cold Noir is Hot
As early as 1800Z 06AUG18, Red Thomas asked at least four former intel colleagues to join him in playing Phantom Doctrine by CreativeForge Games. The individuals gathered at REDCAVE and game session is [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Black Desert Online - Retooled Savage Rifts Will 'Spice Up the Exciting Co-Op Experience'
Black Desert Online has been updated today with the newley reworked Savage Rift horde mode "that promises to spice up the exciting co-op experience in the game". Notably, players will find that the number of [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Crowfall - Milestone 5.7 Means the World to Crowfall
If you follow crowd-funded games, you know there are certain moments where their evolution jumps a few generations. Those moments, generally precipitated by some large announcement or game update, are equal [...]  |  Read more »

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