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MMORPG Age of Empires Announcement Coming Monday During Gamescom
According to a tweet (via PCGamesN), an Age of Empires announcement is set to arrive on Monday August 19 during Gamescom.  |  Read more »
MMORPG Lepow 15.6? Type-C Portable Monitor Review
Have you ever wanted to take your console with you on the go? Ever wished for a second screen for your laptop? How about a large monitor to make sure your mirrorless camera is in focus? Today, we're looking at [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Destiny 2 Weekly Recap
Destiny 2 had a busy week last week, with the Director's Cuts highlighting the updates.  |  Read more »
MMORPG Halo Infinite Creative Director Leaves 343 Studios
As reported by Kotaku, Halo Infinite's Creative Director is leaving 343 Studios.  |  Read more »
MMORPG Red Dead Redemption 2: Original Soundtrack Vinyl Now Available for Limited Pre-Order; Original Score Vinyl Coming Soon
Red Dead Redemption 2's original soundtrack is receiving a vinyl, available now for pre-order.  |  Read more »
MMORPG Borderlands 3 Will Launch With Denuvo Anti-DRM Software
Borderlands 3 will launch on the Epic Store with Denuvo DRM, according to Reddit (via VG247).  |  Read more »
MMORPG Secret Mission In GTAO Only Unlocks After Getting Wicked Drunk
As reported by Gamespot, it appears there's a secret mission awaiting you if you get wicked drunk in GTA Online's casino.  |  Read more »
MMORPG Klang Raises $22.3M for New Space Colony MMO
In a report by VentureBeat, it looks like Klang has raised $22.3M for a new space colony MMO called Seed.  |  Read more »

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