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MMORPG - Intel i7-8700K Review
Cores and clock speeds, base, boosts, and threads: the march of progress in the processing world continues ever on. With each passing generation, we see these advancements tick by but with Coffee Lake, Intel [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG - Maelstrom is Like Battle Royale on the High Seas with PIRATES!
Yes, sure. This week has been packed with news of another pirate game, but we'd be remiss if we didn't bring Maelstrom to your attention, particularly with today's announcement that the pirate-themed [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Revelation Online - First Contact Content Expansion Adds Cross-Server Arenas, Battlegrounds & More has announced that Revelation Online has grown with both a new server and a new content expansion, First Contact, that brings a number of new features online including cross-server arenas and [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG The Division - What We Want from The Division 2
The original game's entire live service has basically been a test case for what works and what doesn't when putting together this sort of game, so Ubisoft is in a really strong position to knock the sequel out [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Shadowgun Legends - Global Launch Day Blasts Out the Gate
Madfinger Games has announced that its mobile RPG shooter, Shadowgun Legends, has officially launched for both Android and iOS devices. The game is available now around the world on the App Store and on Google [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG - Are You Proud to be a Gamer?
Are you a closet gamer? Read on to find out if you are and why you shouldn't be.  |  Read more »
MMORPG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - PUBG Corp Adds Limited Time Sessions Called 'Event Mode'
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developers have posted a new blog on the game's Steam page. In it, players are introduced to Event Mode, a "periodically changing preset Custom Game where developers will be [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Blade & Soul - Fire & Blood Update Brings 12-Player Raid & More
Blade & Soul has been updated with the Fire & Blood content expansion. Players will find a number of new features including a 12-player raid called Koldrak's Lair, the level 55 6-player Ransacked Treasury [...]  |  Read more »

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