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MMORPG Star Trek Online Patch Notes Highlight Bug Fixes
New patch notes for Star Trek Online outline several bug fixes.  |  Read more »
MMORPG World of Warcraft Pet Battle Changes Discussed by Blizzard
Blizzard has shared information on pet battles following community feedback for World of Warcraft.  |  Read more »
MMORPG Battle Royale May Come to Call of Duty Modern Warfare
A recent datamine of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has revealed a host of new details regarding a battle royale mode.  |  Read more »
MMORPG Age of Empires 4 Will Not Include Microtransactions
In case you missed it, the recently trailer'd Age of Empires 4 will not receive any microtransactions  |  Read more »
MMORPG VIVIFY Arquus RGB HDMI Cable Review (and contest!)
HDMI cables are a necessity of modern life. It's something we all need but that gets tucked tidily away and out of sight. But what if you could use these cables to add some extra flair to your battlestation or [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Missed EVE Vegas? Catch Up with CCP's Roundup
If you missed EVE Vegas, don't worry. CCP has you covered with a recap.  |  Read more »
MMORPG Google Stadia Review: Good, But Unfinished
What would gaming be if we removed the need for expensive hardware? That's the question Google set out to answer with Google Stadia. It did so with a bold promise: cloud-based gaming that would completely [...]  |  Read more »
MMORPG Destiny 2 Xenophage Receives PVE Damage Increase
Bungie has shared some changes regarding the new Xenophage exotic in Destiny 2.  |  Read more »

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