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5th Anniversary LOTRO Giveaway - Uberchar

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5th Anniversary LOTRO Giveaway - Uberchar Thank you everybody for your comments and participation in this LOTRO Giveaway, celebrating five year together in Middle-Earth!
Any user that commented the official page in Uberchar, the official new about it or any other comment related to this giveaway, has been taken into account. The winners are as follows: 1st prize - 5000 [...]  |  Read more »
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  • Inia Thank you all at UberChar and all those that help participate in this event for the fans of LotRO Love ya all :)

  • Anietia Holy crap, Inia!!! Grats, hun!!! I guess people I know DO win!!!

  • Qukatt Grats!

5th Anniversary LOTRO Giveaway - Uberchar
Deir My bestr moment was the first time i saw the fellowship departure at Rivendell... it felt so epic!!!
5th Anniversary LOTRO Giveaway - Uberchar
SportsGuy My best moment? I think it would have to be my first trip into Sari Surma T2 with a PUG I joined late one night early into the release of Update 2 (Echoes of the Dead). We were at the first boss fight and though my group had some "server famous" characters from the BIG E server, we were a little outmatched. We got all the way to the [Read more]  first boss fight (the bear) and took a few swipes at it. During our last run of the evening, we were able to figure some things out and made it deep into the encounter when things started to go wrong. As a hunter, my job was DPS, but I found myself toe-to-toe with the great big spirit polar bear and 5 dead companions. Though they figuratively threw their hands up and gave up, I plugged away as best I could "hunter tanking" the beast and suddenly, the mood and voices in my headset picked up. They were rooting me on and cheering for me in a way that just felt so great. I felt like I was actually a good player for the first time. I managed to finish off the beast to a chorus of cheers. I earned a lot of respect that night and not just strangers, but even from my own self! It was at that moment I started to believe I wasn't a liability to a group - I found that one shining moment gave me some real confidence in my own ability as a gamer! [Close] 
5th Anniversary LOTRO Giveaway - Uberchar
Kirvay I remember when you had to wait to get to level 35 to get your first horse and it costs 4g 220s - which back then took a while to come up with. I finally hit the level, and did all the quests to get my riding skill (there was more than 1 back then) but I was short of money to buy a horse. Lucky for me, the fall festival had started and I was able [Read more]  to win a festival horse! Didn't have to pay for it back then! A lot has changed, but I really did like getting that first horse for nothing. [Close] 
5th Anniversary LOTRO Giveaway - Uberchar
Dunfalach I'm not sure I have a single best moment, but one of my favorites was actually a disaster. During a 3-man run of an epic story quest that was a little over our level, we managed to cause a set of undead to spawn far too close to the player respawn point. This resulted in a continual stream of deaths and revives that ultimately produced [Read more]  enough weapon damage to see two of the three of us reduced to attempting to kill bog lurkers, tree roots, and undead by beating them to death with our bare hands. It was absolutely hilarious. We finally gave up once the opposition was numerous enough that we couldn't possibly generate the damage to even kill one before dying. [Close] 
  • Fathead My best moment in LOTRO was but a few days ago, being bored in game waiting for some friends to come online I decided to enter chicken session play (where you get turned into a level 1 chicken with 46hp). I decided to challenge myself and see how far I could get my feathered friend without any help except for my wits. After a few hours ducking and [Read more]  diving past every mob this side of Moria (Started in Michael Delving in the Shire) I found my way to Galtrev past hordes of level 75 mobs for a well-earned rest and to mess with some peoples minds. I plan to further my feathered forages by reaching the steps of Orthanc and to eventually reach the white tree in Minas Tirith when it come out. [Close] 

5th Anniversary LOTRO Giveaway - Uberchar
5th Anniversary LOTRO Giveaway - Uberchar We want to join LOTRO 5th Anniversary giving away three LOTRO turbine points prizes among our users! All you have to do to enter is share with us with a new comment your best moment in LOTRO!
You must be a registered user to participate and comment!! 1.- Sign up in Uberchar 2.- Become a fan of this page 3.- Write a NEW comment in this page with your best moment in LOTRO!! Here are the [...]  |  Read more »

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  • Katalia My Best Moment: Has to be when my kin decided to make me leader, I was hugely honoured to be the leader of such a great group of people!

  • Ulrika My best moment in LOTRO was when I joined a kinship and met lots of nice people!

  • Stepup21 The best moment ive ever had in LOTRO was the first moment I entered Rivendell. It might not seem much to some people, but as Im a massive fan of the books and films I started to play the game as I could follow the footsteps of the fellowship, visit the famous places and really feel as if I was part of Middle Earth. I just remember the expectation [Read more]  and interest I had of entering Rivendell and seeing what the developers interpretation of it was. I remember the moment I travelled over the bridge, the sound of the waterfall, the flowers being blown across my char, the music, the sunlight streaming down. Just magical... [Close] 

  • Aels My best moment in LOTRO was when my kin and I successfully completed the OD raid for the first time. After spending so much time and effort perfecting our strategy the entire raid was beyond ecstatic. And to be honest, there's far too many moments to name since the people in my kin are some of the most amazing people I've ever met.

  • Infinity My best moment in LOTRO must have been the first time I looked out over Evendim from the top of the colossus. Amazing view !

  • Jayarih My best moment in LOTRO was when I was playing a Hobbit and getting to experience the sights around the Shire. The game details Middle Earth really well.

  • Chris The best moment ever was beating T2 Dragon's Lair! :)

  • Chihaya My best moment? you only want one? hmmm well i think my overall best moment was this ... "there we were, on top of orthanc tower, all 10 sarumans were down and dead and only the true saruman remained, we let fire massive attacks when suddenly he throws us off the edge. oh no i thought i'm dead! but it wasnt so and we all stood proud with [Read more]  the completion of the saruman raid. to make things better a clasp dropped and i won it!!!" that had to be my best moment in LOTRO [Close] 

  • Ghost Best moment, getting my wife to play for the first time and listening to her scream at the top of her lungs at goblins.

  • Bells The more I think about it the more times I can remember. I was questing in Angmar with a couple members of my kin that were both at level 65 and I was only 49. We decided to split up the Angmarim in front of us and proceeded to kill them all. They finished their side first and watched my hunter take down my last...he died at my feet. That was [Read more]  when they told me they thought I might be better than one of the older hunters in the kin. I was honored. [Close] 

  • Aren My best moment? Beating the Liutenant HM.

  • Fred It's really hard to think of a single best moment. But i guess it would be back in beta when i first entered the Shire and was struct by the beautiful scenery, huge landscape, tons of quests and deeds. Stunning atmosphere in that place. There is nothing like the first visit to Shire.

  • Rrys Seeing Rivendell for the very first time! Awestruck, I was!

  • Ehefkae So many great moments in LOTRO, but the best thing for me was meeting the love of my life in this game!

  • 2050245 My best moment... hard to really select one as the best. Maybe the first time I faced a Troll in CD... just the fun of flying from the bridges...

  • Jeroen I liked the moment when I first joined the halloween festival and went in the haunted house at the party tree, it's one of my favorite moments :)

  • Elinnea One of my favorite moments was when I attended a player-organized celebration of Bilbo's birthday on Landroval. We walked together from Bree to Rivendell, and there we had a huge party, with music, fireworks, and even a Bilbobaggins stand-in to address the crowds. It was a fantastic time with the community.

  • Sithnian My best moment is most likely finally finish the Evendim swimming quests. They're damn frustrating when you don't have access to the VIP fast travel. :/ Also, yeah, as someone else noted, the view from atop the Colossus in Evendim. Amazing. Especially during sunrise/sunset.

  • Kira Best moment? Choosing my first character's name. I wasn't even in the game proper but I already felt immersed in Middle-earth. Thanks LOTRO!

  • Cluck My best moment in LOTRO was soon after I finished the intro area on my first ever toon: I entered the Shire and straightaway saw a beautiful rainbow right overhead, it was evening so the sky was a gorgeous dusky pink and it was incredible!

  • Ellohir When I found the broken bridge in Moria. I felt that the fellowship could have crossed it just minutes ago!

  • Doublesith When I first entered Moria - music and ambiance were fantastic!

  • Nick The first Skirmish Raid I went on with my kin ... very chaotic but lots of fun!

  • sww There are so many good moments, but if I have to pinpoint one I would say have to say walking around Rivendell its gorgeous!

  • Gimp Finally hitting level cap. It was my first time in any MMO ever. I even managed to run ToO and Draigoch that same weekend and get 2 Worn Symbols out of it. I had my Guardian belt made and it had 5 major legacies. Hands down most epic weekend!

  • Rudy12 my best moment was when i realized that even though we all lived far from each other now, i was running around having a great time with friends and family as if we were all together again.

  • Dalkonzar Completing my Draigoch set and getting my Draigoch cloak!

  • Andrew My favorite moment would be when I laid eyes on the Barlog.

  • Gaiajan I like almost everything in LOTRO. So, I guess my favorite moment would be when I started playing (a few months after initial launch) and realized what a great game it was and felt like I was part of the great LOTR story.

  • Odranoel My favourite memory: The first time we got Thaurlach down, a server first and awesome moment. We could barely believe we finally did it and kept joking the server would probably roll back now and we wouldn't be able to take him down again. ^_^

  • Atzumo My favorite memory would be when we did Turtle in less than 2 minutes. It was very satisfying and, above all, funny

  • Gabriel The rise of the Gaunt Lords.Taking them down one by one,when we finally made it to Ost Dunhoth. I will never forget that final encounter with Gortheron himself,Gandalf's interference and the fall of the last and most powerful of the Gaunt Lords. An amazing fight!

  • Mirlaen I have too many favorite memories to list!! One of my favorites as a total book nerd might be coming out of Moria for the first time and running down the hill to see the golden canopy of Lorien's mallorns in the twilight... and then I saw the Mirrormere. Looking in the water... one word. STARS.

  • Lavenderkae My favorite moment in LOTRO was the first time we beat a raid - in our case, the Great Barrow. There's nothing like that feeling you get the first time you successfully coordinate a large group through a raid. :)

  • Bort My best moment in LotRO was the kinship event where I was promoted to successor of our kin and the days surrounding that event. Memories flood back of our leader's plans and vision for the event. The officer meeting about it, the rehearsals of the ceremony, where in particular, one of our officers could not manage to have his character walk a [Read more]  straight line to save his life. We were coordinating entrances and exits for the ceremony. During the ceremony, the cheers and congratulations both in game and on our voice chat server still ring clear. And the music....oh the music....was epic. Our kin leader relayed it over voice chat during the official promotion ceremony. The man has a gift. I was honored and touched by the participation of all my kin. I won't soon forget a minute of that day. [Close] 

  • MikeFive My favorite moment was hitting the Level cap for the first time.. The middle levels had felt like such a slog (lack of knowledge on my part) that hitting the level cap was just awesome.

  • earthchild My kinship was a like family to me, and my favorite memory was when they stayed up from sunset to almost sunrise to run my newly 50 through Barad Gularan and Carn Dum, laughing and having fun until we passed out on our keyboards.

  • babaS Hm, best moment? Impossilble to answer. Maybe the first time walking through the shire. With all the neat little Hobbits and their neat litte problems.

  • Grimer38 Never felt I could warrent a subscription game being primarily a console player so finding out I could play my first MMO in my favourite fictional world for free was amazing! Starting up and finding out all the game mechanics, getting into the story, and starting to explore the world, all alongside a large group of friends that had started at the [Read more]  same point was just an amazing experience. Now I own most of the game bar Isengard yet am only level 34, Im just enjoying the journey so much I know I will be around for a long time! [Close] 

  • caca Best moment ? I guess it was all along the epic quests, and the eregion's quests as well when you're so immerged within the community's quest, as well as totally random and "useless" instances like walking in Rivendell with frodo, or the one with gollum stealing some fish, they are kinda useless in terms of gameplay (no [Read more]  strategy, no fight whatesoever), but I really LOVE the immersion those adds up to the game. [Close] 

  • Jaffric Finally finishing the Moria meta-deed. So many GS runs...

  • Zargossa Epic quests in LOTRo are just ... well, epic. I just loved all the moments I saw places/people from the book (Frodo, Gandalf, Rivendell to name a few)

  • Thoronlin Hard to choose just one best moment, but I'll pick duoing Helchgam on-level -- just Zigil my dwarf rune-keeper on heals and a tank. Epic!

  • Bam My best moment so far is getting my first piece of Draigoch gear. It just happened a couple of weeks ago and I was a nervous wreck going into the run but we had a great run leader and everything went smooth. We went from start to loot roll in 34 minutes but it was the most intense 34 minutes of my gaming career. I got the Scorched Shoulders Token [Read more]  and snagged my first piece of Draig gear right away. It was awesome! [Close] 

  • Morfindeth My best moment in LOTRO is still the first time I ever went into Moria. The scale, the detail, the atmosphere. It all just exudes a real sense of epicness and wonder.

  • Arandan My best moment was the first time I entered Moria. I had so high expectations and the place still exceeded them! I was simply stunned.

  • Glendo One of the best moments in Lotro was when I stepped in Moria. I wondred how on earth they could make that place so it would be faithful to the book. Not only did they manage, they exceeded my expectations. It was one of the best moments to step in Mines after the battle with Watcher,

  • Avocet I guess it's hard to top my first moments in beta, when my character met Gandalf. For the first time, I really felt as if I were in Middle-earth.

  • Edemardil My best moment would have to be the first time I entered Lorien. I had gone through all of Eriador and then through Moria (The worst time of my toon's life) and then leaving that dark hole and coming out into the sun to see the Golden Wood (My favorite location from the books) almost brought a tear to my eye.

  • Viceras One of my best moments was out in the Ettenmoors on my hunter. I ran into my Arch Nemesis. We battled for a few minutes and I finally beat him. As luck would have it, from his death I ranked up to rank eleven and also completed Monster Slayer tier 4, granting me the Commander rank and the Battlemaster title.

  • Lilliandil One of the best moments in LOTRO for me was finally entering Moria and actually helping dwarves instead of slapping them :)

  • Faulk My best moment was when I fighted alongside Legolas and Gimli in Lothlórien. I felt like I was playing a console game, like the 3 games from the fellowship journey. I felt like I was Aragorn at Amon Hen, slaying orcs with Legolas and Gimli. A nice feeling, I love it. My best moment!

  • SkyishOne My best moment in LoTRO was eating 6 Barrow Brie at once. It's a nasty cheese that most people get one around level 20. It does large amounts of shadow damage for 20 minutes and will quickly kill a lower level. At level 65, 6 was my limit to a speedy death!

  • Domer My absolute best moment in LOTRO is watching my son take to The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit like a fish to water. He's consumed the books like a gamer takes in snacks and soda (but is actually nourished by them). He's got maps, an atlas, reference books, COSPLAY outfits, and takes in a regular LOTRO podcast. He's teaching [Read more]  himself Elvish and is my go to resource for all LOTRO trivia or accuracy questions. He's a marvel, incredible. It's such a joy to experience his immersion into the world. And he's only 12. [Close] 

  • Mentalsore My best moment was, when I entered Rivendell the first time. This view and this music, very impressive!

  • Marino1234 Favourite memory: Me and my two friends exploring Evendim. I remember when we first got there that the landscape was great. The part to Dwaling pretty much was similar to Shire. But then we got to High Kings Crossing and that was truly amazing. To see that giant statue was great, and even better when we got to climb on top of it. Then we proceded [Read more]  to Tinnudir and explored the islands a bit. We were fascinated by the sheere amount of effort that was put in constructing those places. We saw all the islands and explored the whole region. We liked the waterfall where the elf girl was, but the best thing was Anumminas. The amount of details in it is stunning. Although we had to fight our way in, we just had to stop every now and then to just admire the work they've done in the city. It was especialy great when we got to the upper level of Annuminas and we could see everything below, that was really amazing. That is the most vivid memory I have of this game, although there has been many since. [Close] 

  • Miakodagirl My favorite moment in LOTRO was hosting a party on Elendilmir during which my kinship put on a production of "An Interpretation of the Tale of Beren and Luthien" - a spoof on the story in The Silmarillion. My husband and I wrote it together, and it was fun to see everyone's reactions to it.

  • kyp My best moment was definitely that first trip into Moria. It's just jaw-dropping to experience.

  • theOriginalGman theOriginalGman After 5 years I'm having as much fun creating a new character and starting from scratch that I have with my old characters doing raids!

  • mp My favorite moment was attempting to walk from The Shire through Bree-land, The Lone-lands and The Trollshaws all the way to Rivendell for the first time ever, as a level 1 chicken (in chicken session play). It was nerve-racking to say the least, but finally being able to relax after getting there and seeing Rivendell for the first time was [Read more]  amazing. [Close] 

  • Pizz My favorite moment was launch day , we finally got out of Beta, and waiting in line to login to Brandywine to hurry to create out Kin/Guild name!

  • Stone Carver My first time in the Moors, I was just wandering around and hadn't seen a single person. So I decided to attack some NPCs I'd found. After killing a couple, I saw a freep in stealth, so I charged. Right away, a raid of freeps unstealthed to take me out. Of course I died right away, but in response a horde of creeps appeared as well. It [Read more]  felt quite silly that a lone wanderer started such a huge ruckus, but it was fun [Close] 

  • Wodrith Have two. The first time in the rift when you were up against the big old rog at level 50. Also, racing to rivendale as a chicken with the rest of your kin as chickens ;)

  • KaosStorm First time in Garth Arwen, two kinsmen and I decided to tackle the boss. We were told that the guy was hard, at least on level, so the tank was a little over level and the dps much so; I was right on his level. We ran the thing once and it bugged; no matter, we ran it again. At this time, we managed to get to the boss: our tank fell to the [Read more]  huge amount of damage the boss managed to put in a few seconds. At that moment, with nothing to lose, I decided to take the aggro and manage to, somehow, give our hunter enough time to drain the last morale on our foe; I succumbed to my wound and so did my hunter fellow, but not before he fired his last arrow, taking down the boss with us. We couldn't believe it, they sure as heck couldn't, but I told them we made it. We ran back to the boss' area and found him laying there, waiting for us to take our spoils of war. It was a great moment, probably the best one I've lived so far in LOTRO. [Close] 

  • Chiarafritta Uh i don't think i have one but I have so many memories of time spent with my boyfriend around middle earth, questing and discovering new zones toghether.. I had a great time playing this game :)

  • gabrielSbrug My favourite moment in LotRO was: When I first came to Lone-Lands, over the WeatherTop, and all of the LOTR story passed trhough my mind again... seeing Frodo being stabbed in the chest by the Nazgul King and taken to Rivendell by Arwen.. The level of detail and loyalty to real Lord Of The Rings story of this game makes me love it.

  • Billy My first time in Draigoch where I heard the voice-over and got tingles, then rush in recklessly and got toasted to a crisp

  • Elthair My first Lotro moment was when I convinced my gf to join me just because the game had horses (I joined, of course, because of LoTR... my gf joined because of the horses and then became a LoTR fan :))... so we just enjoyed the amazing graphics, riding in the landscape... it was and still is awesome! I also remember when we arrived to lonelands, [Read more]  climbed the WeatherTop and... not thinking what could happen, we just went down the fast way... We burst in laughter when we realized we were dead xD [Close] 

  • Lily "Accidentally" falling off the Khazad-dűm bridge in Moria..

  • Nightgryphon My favorite/best moment in LotRO was logging in for the first time and seeing this world that I'd only dreamed up in my head, since I was a kid, come to life in front of me. It was amazing to see Bree, The Old Forest, The Shire and go, "Oh, that's where this happened!" or "Oh! That's from this part of the books!" I [Read more]  was like a kid on Christmas, wide eyed and misty eyed. [Close] 

  • Iamkazam Raiding the Rift for the first time!

  • Kal I totally loved questing through Dunland, especially dealing with Theodred!

  • Kalex My favorite moment was doing the April Fools Day chicken run in the Ettenmoors.

  • Tarannon for me meeting Tom Bombadill, huge fan of the books and he is one of the coolest most mysterious characters

  • Ulaith My best moment in the game was acquiring the Dunadain War-Steed

  • BogdanEpureanu My favorite moment was when I first group up with someone else and I'm lucky to still have her as a partner, both in game and in real life. :)

  • ravb My favorite moment was when I first time saw Bree and met Gandalf.

  • Malachi My favorite memory would probably be the first time I killed Thaurlach the Balrog.It was among the first months on Riddermark, still a very new server then. Many people were already high-level and I was just over 60 myself, but we were very far from having the best gear and - most importantly - being new players we didn't have the raid [Read more]  mechanics down to repetition. So the 12 of us cleared way to the Balrog and started working on taking him down. We had web guides to help us, but we still didn't understand some of the things they mentioned, so we wiped over 5 times on him. People started leaving, but some of us were determined and decided to stay until the end, so we kept finding replacements. We would explain the new people the fight, attempt the Balrog and wipe, someone else would leave, we would find replacement, explain to the new guy the fight... In the end it took us 12 hours, we went over 40+ people attempting with us total and only 3 of us remained from original group, but we finally get it done. For some "Leet" L65 on Brandywine that would have been barely worth a shrug, but as new people on a new server without any of us ever trying it before, I really felt a sense of accomplishment. [Close] 

  • Apoc600 My favourite moment in LOTRO so far has definently been when I finished Volume 1 for the first time. The way it finished after your long journey actually hit me emotionally in a way I've never had a game do to me before. I still get that hit everytime I finish Volume 1 (which is now 4 times I think). I just think it was a great story.

  • cnrsnl My best moment in lotro was when we first killed Ivar in Ost Dunhoth tier 2 challenge mode with my friends. Team play was awesome, raid was greatly designed. Also I really enjoy riding in Middle-earth, the world created by Tolkien and captured by Turbine is so beautiful.

  • szrsnl My favorite moment was the fall of Moria session play. Seeing Khazad-dum in its glorious days, facing Durin's Bane, it was awesome.

  • Rathinosk My favorite moment of all time (so far) is reaching the Tower of Orthanc for the very first time in Beta. Runners up have to include finishing Volume 1 for the first time and seeing the Balrog in the Rift for the very first time.

  • comandante my favorite moment was when we finished Rift of Nurz Ghashu, killing a balrog for the first time. That fight was amazing

  • Anietia My favorite moment? In all honesty, I can't pick just one single moment as my favorite! I have had so many good times, made close friends, fell in love with the LOTR lore all over again, Most of the community is mature and kind, the various events, the laughs... My favorite moment in LOTRO would have to be the entire last 4 years! I had a [Read more]  chance to work in closed beta and help write the Prima Guide but I passed it up, thinking this game wouldn't make it. I can always admit when I am wrong and this is definitely one of those times =) [Close] 

  • kivilife My favorite moment in The Lord Of The Rings online was the first time i stepped inside the Mines Of Moria. That moment when my glances meet with the remnants of once mighty Khazad Dum, i thought "it was worth to play countless hours just for reaching this level." That moment was magnificent, so is the game itself.

  • seccline23 My favorite moment would probably have to be beating Saruman for the first time. It was like 30 min before the reset and everyone was dying in phase five, and we didnt know if there were going to have enough people to grab rings at the end. I was also very interested to see how it ended because i didnt think we could kill saruman because thats not [Read more]  the way the story goes. Then we beat it and got thrown off, just to find ourselves in a forest, saved by an eagle, which i thought was a great ending. [Close] 

  • Ktulu Well i think my favourite moment was when i did Gortheron raid with my friends without any information, and at the end of the fight, that cinematic was awesome. I like it the best.

  • ElielShark My best time in LOTRO as well as in all games I ever played was when I was with my friend Simeria, I met the game and have even played a secret friend for Christmas, here in real life after that. I was leveling with him and suddenly dropped a box that could leave item to level 75. I did not know what could come of it. I used a key that was saved [Read more]  and I did not know what it was when I opened and came to a Symbol First item was level 75, we've never been so happy in one game! I started jumping up and celebrate in my room when I saw that no Brazilian had this item yet. While my friends gave me congratulations of kinship, and the people "glff" also sending me messages, lol. It was very cool, made ​​me feel as if I had not played those years atoa. LOTRO actually seeks to please his players and bring incredible sensations, guess I'll never forget this moment. The coolest part was the people congratulating me, happy for me ... why not just level up, play LOTRO is live. [Close] 

  • kgedeborg My best moment in LOTRO is when my husband and some other family members threw me a surprise birthday party at our kinship house, complete with dancing, "see who can go the furthest" Inn-League Drinking competition, and Superior Carrot Cake for dessert!!

  • adamgede My favorite moment in LOTRO was realizing that I had arrived in getting my wife to be as much into it as me...when we were off in the Trollshaws fighting some Orcs and from the other room came the cry of our newborn son. She ran off into the other room saying, "I'll be right back...I've picked up some baby aggro." We're [Read more]  definitely hooked on the fantastic Middle Earth experience! [Close] 

  • ulianne My favorite moment was arriving in Rivendell for the first time. So beautiful!

  • Logame My best moment in LOTRO when I entered Celondim after Introduction Quests. The place was so Elvish and beautiful, I cried... :)

  • Wilko My best moment would have to be conquering Durins Bane on Tier 2 with my Kin. We stuck at it all week and when he finally went down, raid and voice chat exploded in celebration. I was a very happy person in that victory picture I can tell you.

  • Pnunu My best moment in LOTRO was the first time I traveled to Bree. In game it was very much as I envisioned it from the books, and I particularly liked seeing cats running around. Still do, actually!

  • Andang My favorite moment in LotRO was being the leader of 3 raids (2 creeps 1 freep) to take down the Uber Delving Fire Boss...yeah that rocked!

  • Inia My Favorite Moment was way back in which we finished Carn Dum before the fate was actually working April/May 07...I had a great group of guys...we ran that place so much and was doing it like farm status to get the 45 quest items.

  • Anawiel My favourite moment was when I first entered Garth Agarwen. It was still one whole instance back then and right after the entrance you see the blood pool and hear that epic music which reminds of distant battles and haunted grounds. One of the best Turbine-made stories is in that instance, loved it.

  • Ninja My favorite moment was playing my warden for the first time after getting enough TP to get the expansion.

  • kulpdogg My favorite moment in the game was when I was having a rough time during a deployment and everyone from back home banded together, all logged on, and basically gave me the time of my life. We ran all sorts of fun instances, did fun quests, and most of all got my mind of everything that was going on around me. LOTRO provided a means for me to [Read more]  escape a terrible war and enter a peaceful world of fantasy bliss with friends back home. [Close] 

  • Rildenif Best moment is probably a couple weeks ago when this alliance of casual players I'm in beat Saruman for the first time in ToO. That was an amazing feeling.

  • Atomics Best moment: Finally entering the impressive ruined halls of Moria. Second best moment: Finally escaping Moria into Lothlorien.

  • ValenOfGrey May favorite moment was that first stepping into the open world after the initial tutorial, and knowing that while what i had seen so far was good, it was only going to get better from there! Being a great admirer of Tolkien's many works, I was very excited to enter a realm where what I knew as only plain text would be transformed into a [Read more]  living world that I could experience and enjoy. [Close] 

  • MechEnFlo I guess my best moment was the morning after the night I started playing, when I had all my friends and family signed up and we had a full fellowship to go through the starter area together. This was in Open Beta, so at the time you could do the finishing instance as a group.

  • DefiNoOp My best moment was during an event on or close to the end of the Open Beta, there was an invasion of Orcs in the North Downs and we had a full raid group, that was really fun, and as a Minstrel everyone loved my heals and after we killed the Orcs in the North Downs we took the fight to Angmar.

  • Haldof When first I walked into Thorin's Hall, and laid my eyes upon the vast interior carved out by Dwarven hands, I could not find my breath. Seeing such beauty, such massive structures and open halls so early in a game left me in disbelief. With beams of light shining down upon the great statue, I proceeded forward, only to be amazed by the fact [Read more]  that several wings revealed further spaces for my exploring. Now uninterested in the quests at hand, I veered off to the crafting hall, bewildered by the great forges in those rooms. Upon my exit and crossing to the hall's other side, the interior waterfall and merchants' area left me gasping once more for breath. Everywhere I looked, there were places of interest... below, above, before, aft, and to the sides. And beyond me yet lay the main hall still. Never in an MMO have I found myself so delightfully engaged by such a treat so early on. Had I started as a dwarf of man, the simplicity of those realms may have left me less interested and drifting elsewhere. A year later, I still look upon Thorin's hall with such amazement, rivaled only by passing cresting the High Moors and looking down upon Rivendell, in all its splendor. [Close] 

  • Boboloko My best moment in LOTRO was when I finished the tutorial and entered the world. I met lots of players, but not common MMORPG players, but real friends that are always there to help you. It was such an awesome moment that I will never forget.

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