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Whitestar Whitestar GW event this Sunday 30-09-12 : Puzzle Crazy Jumping Night! Gathering at 20h00 in Lion's Arch :
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Whitestar This weekend, do not miss our Guild Wars2 Stream @ with Majiinfreddy and Nolt!
Whitestar What's new in Whitestar in August?
Whitestar Who is the Caliph? Check the official forums :
Who is the Caliph of Chebika? The tradition in Chebika is to name Caliph the strongest duelist of the area. To find this exceptional fighter, the population of Chebika organise a competition. During one hour, candidates will have the chance to compete for the title. The old Caliph stand in the middle of the ring, surrounded by the public. Anyone can challenge him. He will keep his place till he is defeated. Once defeated, the winner will take his place in the middle of the ring and will fight the challengers. After 1 hour of duels, the fighter still in the middle of the ring is declared the new Caliph of Chebika and his celebrated by the population for the night.

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Whitestar has recruited new members: Eden
Whitestar Chebika Night - Saturday 30 june 20h GTM+1
Whitestar invite Innocent and PRIME for a cozy, friendly Deathmatch evening in Chebika. More informations :

Whitestar Who is Who? In this picture find Acharial, Duran, Elloa, Evalex, Keiki, Orson, Rhashazi, Yima
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