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Elloa Whitestar invitation :
Innocent Innocent are still recruiting, lv 45+. In paticular need of healers and tanks. See you in game ^^
Innocent has recruited new members: Elija, Drojdier and Venomania
Elloa hello guys and girls!! How are you?
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  • Eden Busy, and a lil upset. More and more friends stopped playing so I'm getting quite lonely! And I can't really play atm because of my work. Hows you?

  • Elija We're undergoing some restructuring at the moment due to many inactive members. Hope you decide to stay Hazel :P

  • Elloa I'm fine thank you. We kinda know the same problem in Whitestar, but everything is going fine now :) We could do some events together, maybe a little deathmatch evening or something?

  • Elija Sure, that'd be great! I'll put the idea through to our members and hopefully we can make it happen. We've managed to get a few new members but can't promise a particularly large turnout ^__^'

Innocent We've just declared war against Darkness, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!
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Innocent Innocent are now recruiting again!
Check out our guild website if you're interested and to apply. We hope to see some lovely new members join us soon :)
  • Elloa Good luck with your recruitement!!

  • Lolo Thank you :)

Innocent has published a recruitment offer for the game TERA
Innocent Innocent recruitment is currently on hiatus whilst discuss some things internally.
A couple of requirements have been added - you must have a character above level 40 and you must be able to come onto Ventrilo. We're also clamping down on application quality, so male sure you put a lot of effort into your application. We are not accepting applications at the moment, however we will take exceptional applications into consideration. We'll let you know when we're open to applications like normal as soon as possible.
Innocent A GvG win against Exiled!
We also won against Outlaw and Curleh Mustache, however we lost against Vehement and The Crimson Eye. We're now at war with Darkness - let's see how that turns out in the next few hours.

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  • Elloa Good luck guys (and girls) !!

Lolo Yay for the guild colours :3
Innocent Necromancer Tomb Run
Elloa Hello! :) Just grouped with 2 of your members for a Bam quest in the Maelstrom!
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  • Lolo Awesome! I hope they did us proud, hehe :P

  • Elloa Totally! :)

Innocent Cultists Refugee Run
Misa Found a huge Elin NPC :o
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  • Lolo Creepy O.O

  • Kyo grown up elin would be awesome

  • Misa I hope they won't look like this then

  • Kyo yea yea, i meant like mature looking not just effing huge body xD

Lolo Just arrived in Chebika, it's absolutely stunning.
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Innocent Servers are up and we're full steam ahead!
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    The guild has not created any event.

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