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Ultima Online[MMORPG]

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Ultima Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. UO allows you to choose what sort of profession you want to be in, and also enables you to customize every single one of your skills! Interact with an incredible player base and make new friends, meet new challenges, and explore a variety of lands and dungeons. You can also buy a plot of land and design your own house from top to bottom - then fill it with a collection of rare items and decorations. Wield powerful magic and slay your foes with a sword in hand, or even pilfer the possessions of unsuspecting passers-by and earn your living as an infamous thief! You could also raise your shield in defence of the land by becoming a paladin, or perhaps whisper words of destruction as you journey down the path of necromancy.

There are limitless possibilities with only your imagination to bridle them - so take hold of the reins and choose your own destiny!

Latest news

July Developers Meet and Greet Schedule
Greetings all, For the month of July we will be on Napa Valley July 17th at 9 pm ET and on Balhae July 31st at 9 am ET.  Please have all your [...]

Pet Training Exploit Fix
Greetings Everyone, We are aware of the exploit to make 5 slot pets more powerful by releasing and re-taming, a fix was published this morning.  The [...]

June Dev Meet and Greet Schedule
Greetings everyone, We will be doing a Dev Meet and Greet on Arirang June 19th at 9 am ET and on Baja June 26th at 9 pm ET.  Hope to see you there. [...]

Publish 97 Bug Fixes
Greetings all, This morning during the regular maintenance cycle  of the US shard the following bug fixes were published, this evening the rest of [...]

Publish 97 Hotfixes
Greetings, Beginning this evening with the Japanese shards, the following hotfixes will be deployed with each shard’s regularly scheduled [...]