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TERA [Samael]

Server wall

Eden Any old Samaelers still playing? ;-) You can find me on Zuras PvP. Now named: Eden, Breil, Vanelope and Reiku. Hope to see any of you ingame sometime! x
Paralysis PRIME Gaming have opened recruitment for ALL Levels and Classes in TERA
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Leodore Doing Nexus atm, what a lagfest :3
  • Leodore I have to be honest, i would enjoy more to farm for my PvP set trough BG�’s or SWTOR...enjoyed that.alot actually :)

Misa White Lotus beaten ^^

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  • Alwarlock xD nice shot in the right moment! (/)

Elloa BAndit in Arcadia : Low lvl PK guild project

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  • Mani GL! ;)

  • washuuchan man such a shame i wasn't able to participate in this

Alwarlock Sighhh~ got kicked from TB *AGAIN* after long waiting on the queue -_-; the population on the server decreasing on samael... guess I'm gonna get bk to WoW and wait for the next patch. Thanks a lot frogster....worst gaming company ever.
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  • Alwarlock they telling me I don't have enough gear lvl for it although mine is 144 and got perfect crystals and know bosses cause i did's peiec of cake but they real reason behind getting kick that they can do it with 4 ppl and want to make some money if sorc weapon dropped there...

  • Alwarlock the* piece* fast typing fail...

  • Eden Always free to poke me hun for a group! :-)

  • Alwarlock thank you hazel :) but i got sick of ppl making tera another WoW....

Alwarlock finally got my full set of rebirth gears -.- ofc most of u don't know this feeling after farming Fok hundred times
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  • Eden Oh wow, grats!! < 3 Well deserved.

  • Alwarlock thanks hazel :) do u still playing?

  • Eden Yes I do! I'm just busy with RL stuff getting ready for my trip to japan!

  • Alwarlock lucky u xD I was planing to go this summer but the freaking ticket got very expensive....I'm going to Turkey instead -_-;

  • Alwarlock Have safe trip and enjoy ur time there ;3

  • Eden Oh I'm sorry to hear! :< Hope you have a greta time in turkey tho! :D

Elija Taking the plunge and joining uberchar, how is everyone :3

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