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TERA [Dragonfall]

Server wall

Maeka Merge is tomorrow :O
  • Puppy the merge is nigh! Fairwell Dragonfall!

Puppy and soon, we will no longer be our own distinct community... the end is nigh!
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  • Elloa There is still few hopes they will change their mind concerning Dragonfall.

  • Puppy Dooooooom!

  • Maeka We must preserve Dragonfall! EME is making a big mistake.

  • Puppy I've sort of already gone through the five stages of grief... on the acceptance stage. Just hoping I keep my name!

  • Maeka Heh I won't reach the acceptance stage unless they change their ways...that's just me though.

Puppy Looks like the Tera login servers are being derpy... yay for calling it an early night!
  • Kahleena Dayum! I was about to login... here's hoping.

  • Elloa it's working now!

Hellix Dragonfall!!!!! sup
lizy oh, hai dar~
Balls.O.Fun Hey, does anyone here know a 60 archer named Xayu?
Balls.O.Fun Balls.O.Fun has arrived!!!

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