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Sword 2: Granado Espada[MMORPG]

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Sword of the New World (Sword 2)


Official description

Sword 2: Granado Espada was developed by imcGAMES. Sword 2 has won Best Graphics award and also Presidential Award for Game of the Year. GamersFirst brings this amazing game to the West with many game enhancements. Set on a mysterious, dangerous continent with a story inspired by Europe’s exploration and conquest of America, Sword 2 is destined to dominate the world of MMORPGs by virtue of its groundbreaking design features, fast-paced gameplay and amazing graphics.

Sword 2 gives players more options, variety, entertainment and challenges than any other MMORPG can by virtue of its unique design features. With multi-character control (MCC), players are able to command up to three characters simultaneously. No longer limited to playing one character at a time, players can instantly switch between their favorite character classes or control them all at once. Enjoy the unique skills and get a chance to be different from the rest of the families by recruiting Unique Playing Characters (UPC).

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