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Runes of Magic[MMORPG]

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In Runes of Magic players immerse themselves in a world full of ancient mystery and secrets. Together with thousands of other adventurers, they roam the lands of Taborea in search of powerful rune stones.

Yet mysterious and dangerous creatures also seek these magical artefacts. Only united will the adventurers halt the dark menace which threatens to unleash evil on Taborea.

And so, hundreds of challenges await: How will you fare in the huge cave systems, the gripping player duels, arena tournaments and guild castles? In Taborea, you can fulfill your destiny!

Latest news

Maintenance ~ Tuesday 24th July
Dear Taboreans! On Tuesday, 24th July, all European Runes of Magic servers will go down for our weekly maintenance. In addition to that, our website, [...]

All You Need!
Today, our Premium Packages and their coveted contents are available at preposterous prices! With an additional 30% off, we’re making you an [...]

Diamond Fire!
The Fiery Diamonds of Shadowforge *News from the Taborean Mining Company* The mining kobolds are scouring the subterranean reaches of Taffrock, their [...]

Arcane Runepower
Master the power of runes and festoon your equipment with powerful adornments to vanquish all those who stand in your way. This weekend, merchants [...]

Flo & Andy: Episode 48 - Kal-Turok and other catastrophes
For the Guild to advance, they decide to take on quests in the Dust Devil canyon. No sooner do Andy and Pyro begin their adventure, things turn sour [...]