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Acolytes [Hardcore]

Acolytes Gaming Community

Language: English
Leaders: Hieru
Games: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Age of Conan, Rift, Guild Wars 2, TERA
Banana Empire [Friendly]

Guilda Brasileira

Language: Portuguese
Leaders: SHJordan
Games: Rift
Cazadores de Guardianes [Casual]

Actualmente no encontramos en Reclutamiendo. Si te intereza unirte a nosotros o quieres saber mas de nosotros visita nuestra pagina web

Language: Spanish
Leaders: Minzy Lee
Games: Rift
Compañeros del Metal [Friendly]


Language: Spanish
Leaders: Monte
Games: World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, Rift, League of Legends
CoReClan [Friendly]

Currently, The *CoRe* Clan continues to grow with multiple divisions playing everything from FPS to MMO. Our member base is made up of adults (18+) [...]

Language: English
Leaders: Tim Soulsurfer
Games: Rift, Guild Wars 2, All Points Bulletin
Dementia [Hardcore]

Guild de roameros

Language: Spanish
Leaders: Jone, IlithieN, expiritu
Games: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Warhammer Online, Aion, Rift, Heroes of Newerth, TERA
Imperium [Friendly]

Imperium - n. [an order , a command; the right to order, power, mastery, command]; esp. [political power, authority, sovereignty]; 'in imperio esse', [...]

Language: English
Leaders: Lanka
Games: Guild Wars 2, Rift
INDOMITUS [Friendly]

Spanish Gamming Comunity

Language: Spanish
Leaders: Maugan
Games: League of Legends, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Warhammer Online, Age of Conan, Darkfall, Rift, Aion
La Rosa Escarlata [Friendly]

Comunidad española de MMO y juegos online. Nació tras una idea común para jugar DarkFall online, pero tras dejar el juego hemos seguido juntos [...]

Language: Spanish
Leaders: darkcom, Eruandor, Horrorcore, Divagador
Games: Star Wars: The Old Republic, EverQuest 2, Vanguard, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Darkfall, Mortal Online, ArcheAge, Guild Wars 2, Lord of the Rings Online, Rift, DC Universe Online

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