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Legend of Mir3[MMORPG]

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Since The Legend of Mir II, there have been considerable changes and upgrades made and this has led to the creation of this new and most promising sequel, The Legend of Mir III.

For the graphics, the game has been upgraded from the existing 8-bit (256 colours) to 16-bit (65535 colours) to provide more vivid and beautiful background graphics. Furthermore, the players can now change the colour of their hair, armour, and clothes as well as their hair styles. In other word, greater user customization is achieved. In addition to that, horses have been added as a means of transportation and this will certainly speed up the game. Also planned are various other animals for riding so that players will have a nice variety of riding animals to choose from and have lots of fun crossing the continent.

However, the one thing that will draw your attention most in the sequel, is the planned additions of various new patches with huge new lands and many monsters.In the already newly added vast desert, which is almost half the size of the entire previous Mir 2 world, new dungeons are positioned along with over 30 new monsters, creating an exotic and mysterious world.

As the story unfolds, various action-packed areas such as tundra, swamp, jungle, etc will be added and in conjunction with these new land patches, different game features will be added to continually spice up the game.

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