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LEGO® Universe is a MMOG for LEGO kids and fans.

• Build whatever you imagine

• Battle the enemy

• New content frequently

• Adventure together with your friends

Latest news

Championships Event: Cannon Cove Shooting Gallery!
Blast off in the final round of Battle Events! Shoot your way to victory and win in-game prizes, LEGO sets and priceless Championship Points this [...]

Championship Update: Battle of Nimbus Station Winners!
See who stepped up to the plate and won this round of Championship Events!

Welcome Back Weekend Special! (Nov 4-6)
Has your LEGO Universe Membership expired? Here is your chance to jump back into the action and build, battle and have fun with friends – for [...]

Championships Event: Battle of Nimbus Station!
Championship Points and timeless LEGO sets await those who play the Battle for Nimbus Station mini-game this weekend!

Happy Birthday, LEGO Universe!
It’s been one year since LEGO Universe opened its doors – and what a journey it has been!

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