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Guild Wars 2 [Piken Square]

Server wall

Leodore Heya ^^
Eden, Imortist likes this
  • Eden Hi :D

  • Leodore i didnt see that i wasnt in this guild, thats why im late ;)

  • Imortist YAUZA!

Eden Fruufruu!
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korpse Herpderp :o
Emperial Hey guys! if anyone needs a guild, we are recruiting guardians and warriors atm
itslifejim Hello :)
  • Emperial While there is a free transfer! move to seafares rest :)

  • itslifejim We have most of the members here from Whitestar in Tera and it's also the unofficial roleplay server, while not an role player myself its so great to travel the world and bump into role players, makes the world fell so much more alive :) soooo I will be staying here :)

  • Emperial dont u worry.. we might be moving over to you!

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