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Champions Online[MMORPG]

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Champions Online is a F2P superhero-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing Game (MMORPG) based on the Champions Pen and paper game. Developed by Cryptic Studios for the PC, the game has billions of options for character customization ranging from costumes to an open architecture for power selection, a fast paced real-time action combat and a richly detailed universe.

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Mods and Fusion
Greetings Champions! We wanted to share some tips on how to customize your hero with Mods and Fusions, making you into exactly the hero you want to [...]

Catalyst Sale
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Energy Slide
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Introducing Account Guard
Greetings Champions! We are introducing a new security feature today for the billing portal of the Star Trek Online and Champions Online websites [...]

New Lifetime Subscriber Perk
Greetings Champions! We are happy to announce that all Champions Online Lifetime Subscribers will be receiving access to the Neverwinter Closed Beta [...]

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