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Allods Online[MMORPG]

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Allods Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, set in the fantasy space opera universe of Sarnaut.

You can choose to enter the deep storyline, puzzling out relationships between the two factions at war, races and characters, and plumbing the depths of the mysteries at work in this unique setting. Or you can focus on developing your character, maximising his abilities, crafting, getting very rare items and enchanting them via the runes system to become the best in both duels and space Astral battle ship battles.

Whether you enjoy solo questing and discovering a world with lots of player versus environment content, or bashing other players with the player versus player mechanisms (and of course the ship versus ship in the Astral space), Allods Online is a lot of fun for all kinds of players. You can always stand aside all battles and just meet your friends in game and chitchat about whatever you like.
It is all up to you.

Latest news

Comment on Emergency Maintenance by Nitalia89
I was just wondering how long the game is going to be down for? :)

Comment on Patch 3.0.5 – User Interface Changes! by BerrySenpai90
Please add the option to use the game pad like the wired 360 controller instead of using mouse and keyboard because when I played it before I had [...]

Comment on Summer Play For Rewards Login Event! by freeguy
ummm when do we get the rewards i dont know anyone who has recieved theres yet and it says that we need to email you before the 10th of sept to get [...]

Comment on August MAP Reward! by Genny
Oh my goodness!! it looks so strange... and slightly ugly :x